Private Training

Rachel Cutrer offers private, individualized coaching and strategy to help solve your specific marketing challenges and questions. This service includes a total of 2 hours one-on-one with Rachel to achieve your marketing goals.

• Limited to 3 individuals per month.
• After this session, the next sessions will be held in early April.

How it Works

In these sessions, you will experience a lot of interactive, specific discussions regarding your specific challenge or goals and pull from the full expertise of the Ranch House Staff.

We'll discuss your specific marketing challanges. For example:

Marketing Challenge:
You’d like to make a plan to better promote your cattle sales.

Marketing Challenge:
You are doing well in shows and winning a lot but people aren’t contacting you to buy your cattle.

Marketing Challenge:
You have a new product you want to promote.

Marketing Challenge:
You’re planning an event and need event guidance.


What You Can Expect

Here is an example of how our private training sessions are typically implemented:

Call 1:
Initial consultation lasting up to 1 hour to determine your specific marketing challenges and goals, and make an initial assessment and plan. Includes a check-up of your existing website or existing marketing materials and recommendations.

Call 2:
This 30 minute follow up call will be used to determine how you are working on achieving the goals and implementing the activities outlined in the initial call. Continued assessment and discussion to be held.

Call 3:
This final wrap up call will include an evaluation of how you are seeing our marketing recommendations going into effect in your business.

Calls will be booked through the Time Trade booking app, and typically are held during normal business hours. Some exceptions for after hours calls may be considered.

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