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Rachel Cutrer

Rachel Cutrer is an American business woman and rancher. In 1999, Rachel began developing the concept and vision of what is now Ranch House Designs, the world leader in purebred livestock marketing and advertising. She has served as CEO of the company since it’s inception.

Rachel is also co-owner and co-general manager of B.R. Cutrer Ranch, one of the leading Brahman cattle operations worldwide, and a founder and partner of Brahman Country Beef, the USA’s first Brahman branded beef program. She is the president of Brahman Country Genetics, a global semen and embryo corporation. Rachel is also the author of three college textbooks and over twenty children’s books featuring the ranching lifestyle.

She is an avid spokesperson for agriculture and the beef industry, serving as a keynote speaker for the Beef Cattle Short Course, NCBA Cattle Industry Convention, Reciprocal Meats Conference of the American Meat Science Association, the National Western Stock Show, and numerous other state and regional conferences.


Tara Tullos

Tara Tullos has spent the last five years helping customers across the USA grow their farm and ranch income through direct sales from opening a boutique to offering local products like beef, honey, or more. Times are changing for brand builders in agriculture and today’s brand builders must have an open mind to change too.

Tara is a specialist at brand building. Need a catchy name for your new business? She’s done that. Need to envision a logo that will be remembered through the years. She’s done that too. Need to sit down and map out a game plan for an online store to sell your products? Done.

Tara brings a creative edge and flair that helps brands grow, and be different. She knows what it takes to create a brand that will capture the attention of locals and beyond. She helps businesses build a lasting image. She will share with us tips for diversifying your income especially a rural area through tourism, event venues, farm to table markets, farmers markets, selling ranch merchandise and more.



For over 15 years, Carole Arriaga has been a brand specialist at Ranch House Designs. Known as our “OG” of e-commerce, Carole started on the ground floor of helping people sell their products online and she’s rode the wave of trends that have came and went over the last decade. When it comes to selling products online, Carole is the master.

She will serve as our keynote speaker for creating a growing and thriving e-commerce business. Have questions about shipping frozen meat? We’ll answer it. Want to know if you can tie your online store to a brick and mortar point of sale? She’s got that. Or, maybe you have an online store but it’s just not getting the results you want and you need to learn tips to grow business. Carole will cover that.

Like many “brand builders” Carole is a working mom, a 4-H leader, and proud mother of two young daughters who are actively involved in sports, cheer, showing livestock and more. She shares her knowledge in a warm and friendly atmosphere to help answer any questions about selling online.


Hannah Chumchal

As a fifth-generation agriculturalist Hannah’s roots in agriculture are deeply embedded in her family tree. Being raised on a farm gave her first-hand experience to the agriculture industry. However, she doesn’t work on the farm as her family has done for generations. Instead, she assists rural brands that want to build and grow their social media. Hannah is a senior at Texas A&M University and majors in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. She serves as social media specialist at Ranch House Designs.

Hannah is a fresh face in the agricultural marketing sphere and she brings a young perspective. Because in today’s social media world, being on Facebook simply isn't enough. Hannah will share her tips and best practices for navigating the ever changing social media world and how to grow a brand digitally.



Shannon Haltom does it all! Born and raised in a tiny Texas town, Shannon has built a business that has captured national attention while allowing her to focus on raising her two young children, and supporting her husband's agricultural businesses.

Dr. Haltom is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member and professional coach. She helps individuals, families, and businesses grow through study and practical application of John Maxwell's proven leadership methods. Working together, she will move you, your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.



Kodye Neel is one of the leading women business in rural America, and she's done it all from scratch in the last five years. She is the owner of Wandering Maverick Boutique, and the co-owner of Stock Show Boutique. After starting Wandering Maverick Boutique as a side business while in college, she now operates the business full time through her online store and national pop-up boutiques and trade shows. 

Kodye says, "I started Wandering Maverick Boutique in January 2018 and NEVER thought it would actually develop into anything. To no surprise though, I hate mediocracy and have worked so hard on it ever since! I truly LOVE working, and honestly, It does not even seem like work to me. I never dreamed about owning a boutique – and now I have two! I wouldn’t change a thing and I know the Good Lord knew what He was doing in my life."

Kodye will share her knowledge in building a brand and building an online business. She will also delight the workshop crowd with a special pop-up boutique of Wandering Maverick at The Ranch Downtown. 


Adelyn Allen

Adelyn Allen is director of beef operations for Sexing Technologies, a global semen and genetics company. Adelyn started with the company in 2017 as a customer service representative and now is the director of operations. Over the last five years has consistently led the company to growing new markets, building new partnerships, and unparalleled growth. All the while, she is the proud mom of Ryder, who recently started showing in junior shows. And, she has maintained full time working mom status while getting her MBA from Baylor. Adelyn knows what it takes to be successful in the workplace, in the home, and on the ranch, and she's happy to share her story and tips to other great brand builders at this year's workshop.

Denise Hagen

As a mother to four daughters, aging in range from 13 to 25, Denise began her deep dive into brain function and mental health as a way to help her teenage daughter recover from trauma. What started as an education to help navigate her own family through the waters of young adulthood, became a passion to share what she’s learned with others. From that, her consulting and speaking business Hagenmade was born.

Hagenmade is a mulit-facted blog that houses a variety of resources for women, in topics that range from design to skincare to cocktail recipes. But the main function of Hagenmade is to provide a safe and trusted resource for young women and their mothers, housing interviews with medical and mental health professionals, with tactical and tangible action plans and advice to follow when times get tough.

Denise was raised in the farm country of Southern Indiana, and earned her undergraduate degree from Indiana University. She moved to Texas in 2013, and fell in love with the people and culture, and decided to plant roots and raise her daughters as Texans.

When she’s not working, you can find Denise in the bleachers of gyms around Texas watching basketball, or somewhere along Hwy 6, or in the window seat of an airplane, traveling to watch her favorite young women shine in their own arenas.


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